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ROYAL PYROTECHNIE is the story of a Quebec family that has been showcasing their passion and knowledge for fireworks for nearly 50 years in St-Pie a small village in the Montérégie in the Province of Québec.

Indeed, Jean-Pierre Roy founded the company in 1966, at that time, he sold an assortment of small firecrackers in toy stores and it was in 1967, when he participated in the fireworks contest of the Exhibition universal Montreal that he discovered his love for this industry.

Today, it is his son who Yanick that has taken over the reigns at Royal Pyrotechnics as General Manager and Artistic Director.


Yanick was a young toddler when his father brought him pretty much everywhere that involved fireworks, deliveries, planning and producing shows.

Since then, the ROYAL PYROTECHNIE team has grown and has been perfecting the art of firework displays by travelling and learning from the very best around the globe. New techniques and new products in order to amaze the crowds everywhere, have been integrated into the whole ROYAL offering.

The whole Roy family feels lucky to be surrounded by such a passionate, devoted and rigorous crew. Together, they work with more than 200 certified technicians from every corner of the Province

Since 1966, Royal Pyrotechnie has been recognized as the most decorated fireworks firm in Canada. They are the only ones to have received 2 Jupiter d'or. The goal has always been the same which is to amaze and surprise all spectators by creating shows that are more impressive each and everyone one.

The whole Royal Pyrotechnie family has only one goal which is to provide amazement and wonder to to the public by creating wonderful firework displays with memorable scenarios and powerful musical scores.