We have been evolving in the fireworks industry for the past half-century, during this time we have mastered the art of designing and producing incredible firewroks displays. Our passionate and dedicated team produces more than 300 shows a year and many of them are large scale deployments.


We are the only Canadian company that has ever won 3 JUPITER (1st place) at the prestigious International des Feux LOTO-QUÉBEC de la RONDE in Montreal. This competition is considered the ultimate showcase for pyrotechnics.

Our mision is to conceive, design and produce memorable and fascinating show that will leave you speachless. We take particular pride in preparing detailed scenarios that are mixed with vibrant colours and intense musical scores that will fill you with emotions.

you can almost say that ROYAL PYROTECHNIE produces shows that are considered 'BALLET FOR THE HEAVENS'.

For the last 50 years, ROYAL PYROTECHNIE has become an important distributor of exterior pyotrechnic products, interior pyrotechnics and stage effects as well as a complete family oriented product line.

Our extremely high quality products are available in many locations accross the Province of Québec.